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NOBO Panel Heater NUL4T2 sale
από 219,00€ 175,00€

NOBO Panel Heater NUL4T2

από 219,00€ 175,00€

ΝΟΒΟ Panel Heaters NUL4T2

NOBO Panel Heater NTL4T
από 175,00€

NOBO Panel Heater NTL4T

από 175,00€

ΝΟΒΟ Panel Heater NTL4T Top Outlet [ecoDesign]

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Atlantic F119 DESIGN CE Panel Heater

Atlantic F119 DESIGN CE Panel Heater

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Atlantic F119 DESIGN CE heater

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Electric heaters, low consumption electric space heaters


Electric heaters | How do Convectors work?

Heating Panels are thin electric panels of direct efficiency heating, which operate through the natural flow of air (convection). The cold air in the lower layers of the room enters from the lower part of the radiator (natural attraction), is heated by the special resistance of the body and is forced out of the upper part of the radiator, without drying the air. Heating panels do not have fans and should never be confused with common fan heaters. Heating panels do not blow hot air, unlike air heaters and air conditioners! Instead they emit a sweet heat that diffuses harmoniously into the space through the natural air flow.


Electric heaters | Healthy heating

NOBØ and Atlantic electric space heaters have thermal resistance (cold resistance), which is shielded from aluminum! It diffuses the heat in the space more efficiently and does not glow, thus keeping the atmosphere healthy without drying it out (important for children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems and asthma).


Electric heaters advantages

All NOBØ and Atlantic electric space heaters have:

●  Low purchase cost

● Minor or non-existent installation costs

● No maintenance costs

● Lower operating costs compared to oil heaters

● Much lower operating costs compared to oil heaters and fan heaters

● The heating panels do not blow air, they produce heat and so when we turn off the room, unlike air heaters and air conditions, it retains heat

● Electric heaters do not retain the heat they produce, but give it 100% to the space (in contrast to oil or traditional water bodies)

● They efficiency heat the space in no time

● Each electric heater have an autonomous room thermostat (deviation ± 0,1C °)

● Selective heating of a room, while all other heaters remain off

● All heaters have room temperature sensor

● All heaters have high precision electronic thermostat , which guarantees lower consumption

● Unlike fan heaters and air conditions, electric radiators do not have fan and do not dry the air of the room

● The surface of the body does not burn and is tolerable even to the touch of a child's hand

 They operate completely silently!


SANI HELLAS ΑΕ - exclusive dealer of ΝΟΒØ (group Dimplex) και ATLANTIC (group Atlantic).